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I cut my hair!

Posted on: April 10, 2007

I finally did it. After thinking about it for weeks and mulling it over for years, I fianally cut my long hair. Now it’s considered medium.

It was difficult to make that final decision. I worried that I was displeasing God because aren’t women supposed to have long hair? But I felt peace about doing it. I was afraid that my husband would no longer find me attractive (he would love my hair down to me knees, but I just dont’ have the time to handle it).

I realized that my identity was so wrapped up in having long hair (usually the longest anywhere) that I was afraid I’d lose my identity and my attractiveness if I did. My identity is not wrapped up in hair length or whether I wear skirts or pants ow whether I homeschool or not or am pregnant all the time or not. My identity is a daughter of the King, one of the Father’s beloved children, redeemed by the blood of my precious Saviour. And He said I could do it.

On Sunday, my hair sytlist friend from church spent over an hour cutting and shaping my hair. And I have to say, it looks great and it so easy to take care of, I should have done it years ago! I look younger too. Imagine that. 😉


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