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I’m Redeemed!!

Posted on: April 10, 2007

I’ve been thinking about the sermon my pastor preached yesterday. It wasn’t your typical “Easter” sermon. Instead, using the life of Moses, Bob talked about what it means to be redeemed. “Redeemed” means that Jesus purchased me, saved me, and delivered me. Psalm 107 tells us that we are redeemed from darkness, bondage, demonic oppression, sickness, and the storms of life. Psalm 103 lists the benefits of redemption: He forgives our iniquities, heals our diseases, crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies, and satisfies your mouth with good things.

That was just the intro.

The main part of the sermon was based on Exodus 14-18, which is about Moses’ life. As one whom Jesus has redeemed, I am to live in Deliverance. I should not be bound by anything. (Ex. 12). I should also live in Healing (Ex. 15). This is both spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. The redeemed should also live in Provision. (Ex. 16). My God provides all that I need so that I should not worry about a thing. It’s a waste of time! As one who is redeemed, I should live in Victory. (Ex. 17) As long as my hands are in the air in worship and surrender, God is responsible to fight my battles and my victory. When I take the responsibility from God by trying to figure out everything on my own or fight my own battle, I will lose. Lastly, one who is redeemed should live in Order. (Ex. 18) Godly order and peace in my life will flow from living in the above.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Deliverance and being set free from bondages because I’m in the midst of the struggle of my life to free myself from the bondage of gluttony. I have other bondgages I’m working on as well. It’s such a tought fight sometimes, such that I want to give up. But the Lord spoke to me (after last Sunday’s service and another fine sermon from my pastor), that to continue in these bondages is a slap in the face to Jesus who died to set me free. If I choose to continue in them (and it is a choice. No one is holding me down, forcing M&Ms down my throat.), I am counting His sacrifice as trash, as something that was just not good enough. I can’t do that.

So I vow to continue fighting and trusting God to deliver me from this sin.

If you are also struggling with any time of bondages, let me recommend that studies at They are free and they are life-changing.


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