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Return of the Guardian King CSFF Blog Tour

Posted on: April 16, 2007

This is the first day of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour (CSFF Blog Tour) and runs from today (April 16th to Wedenesday, April 18th). This is my first time participating and I’m excited about taking part. Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy is my favorite fiction genre. In my BC (before Christ) days, I spent hundreds of dollars per year on SF/Fantasy books, but I gave them up completely because most of them had occultic or sexual scenarios that made me feel like I needed a shower afterwards. They definitely did not enhance my relationship with the Lord.

I’m pleased to say that CSFF is growing. All the books I’ve read so far in the genre are decent reads, but a few authors really stand out. Karen Hancock is one. She’s a four-time Christy award winner and her novels go deep into her characters’ spirituality. I always walk away from her novels examining my walk with the Lord. I am still carrying around lessons from the first book I read of hers. Arena is about a woman who agrees to undergo a psychological experiment that ends up changing her life. This book has encouraged me to continually check my “mental link” to God to make sure I am hearing His instructions. Arena is officially out of print (what a sad thing!) but there are plenty of used copies for sale at Amazon for a good price.

Karen has just released the last book in the four novel series, Return of the Guardian King . I could not wait to get that book in my hands. When it came in the mail, I wanted to dance for joy (I didn’t though. My kids think I’m weird enough! LOL) You can find it at Amazon and many other booksellers across the country.

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll let you know what I thought of the book (besides go directly to Amazon and buy this book!). Meanwhile, check out the links to the other Blog Tour participants for interviews with Karen herself, book giveaways, commentary, and a lot of fun!. Also, be sure to read Karen Hancock’s blog, Writing From the Edge. I have been very blessed by Karen’s writing diary. In fact, I have a few posts printed out and stuck in my journal to remind myself of things I needed to hear.

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4 Responses to "Return of the Guardian King CSFF Blog Tour"

Welcome to CSFF Blog Tour!

I felt the same way when my copy came. My poor kids, though, they got neglected for a week while I read it. 😉

Something that has always impressed me about Karen’s work is that, not only is it edifying, it is on par with or better than any “secular” fantasy I’ve read. If anyone new to CBA fantasy is worrying that they will have to sacrifice quality for spiritual Truth – Wrong. You get both with Karen’s books!

Welcome to the tour–isn’t it fun? I’m looking forward to your review. I’m planning on my posting my own review on Wednesday.

I was fortunate enough to get an interview so I’m using it for Monday and Tuesday.

Did you send a Thank you note? Hmmm…Did I? I have to go check now.

Dawn, thanks for taking part in the tour. And for your kind words about my books and the blog.

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