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Return of the Guardian King CSFF Blog Tour Day 2

Posted on: April 17, 2007

This is day two of the CSFF Blog Tour featuring Return of the Guardian King by Karen Hancok.

As I said yesterday, I was greatly anticipating its release. I read the first three books in the series, The Light of Eidon, The Shadow Within, and Shadow Over Kiriath several times, which is unusual for me. I usually don’t read books more than once or twice and certainly not within the same year (I need time to forget some of story to enjoy it). In fact, I would get so caught up in the books I didn’t want to do other things like homeschool my kids, cook dinner, or fold laundry (I never really WANT to do that anyway)!

I have fond memories of reading the series while soaking in the tub until the water grows cold, then adding more hot water so I can read some more. I would finally get out when I was so pruned up I looked like a little old lady. Or I’d read them while eating lunch and have some more food just so I could have the excuse that “I’m still eating” to read another chapter. I do not recommend that last trick though. It’s not good for your waistline! Sometimes I would even hide in the bathroom to read a couple chapters. Books give me a much needed mental break from the joyful, yet draining (for an introvert like me anyway) task of mothering and homeschooling seven children.

I was thrilled to receive Return of the Guardian King on a Monday. I got to start the book that day, but only got one or two chapters in. That night I was fortunate to get a stomach virus and was up much of the night. Tuesday I was feeling better, but too sick to school the kids and was able to finish the book. YAY! I was never so happy to be sick in my life. I spent the day cuddled in bed reading. It was almost like heaven (except for the noisy kids who would not have let me sleep, even if I could have torn myself away from the book to do so).

Return of the Guardian King continues with the story of Abramm Kalladorne, rightful King of Kiriath. In the last book, Shadow Over Kiriath (which was my favorite of the series), Abramm had lost his kingdom and narrowly avoided execution. He wasn’t sure if his two sons were still alive or how his wife, Madeline was faring. He had sent his wife, his sister, and his close friends to Maddie’s home country of Chesedh (sp?) for safety. His brother, now possessed by evil spirits, ruled the country. Abramm is making his way down through Chesedh to the capital city to rejoin his wife. Abramm wants to get there as quickly as possible, but Eidon has other plans.

Meanwhile, all his subjects, family, and most of his friends believe him dead. Maddie doesn’t quite believe it. Maddie doesn’t receive a good reception from her family in Chesedh, although she is provided for quite well. As the First Daughter, she is pressured to remarry someone who can help her country fight off the invaders trying to take over much of the known world. Will Maddie choose to remarry to save her country?

If you have not read the Guardian King series, you need to get them! Check out Karen’s Blog. She is giving away an autographed set of the entire series.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow, I’ll talk about Karen’s writing style and some writing tips I found on her website. Be sure to check out the other blogs participating in the Tour:

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1 Response to "Return of the Guardian King CSFF Blog Tour Day 2"

Hurray for fortuitous stomach bugs!!! LOL! And I thought I was the only one who hides out in the tub with a good book …

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