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Homeschooling…Does It Benefit Parents?

Posted on: April 19, 2007

A woman on a my state homeschool e-mail list send out a link to this blog. The post is entitled “Does Homeschooling Have Benefits for Parents?”

For those of us slogging through the day to day overwhemingness of homeschooling, it may not seem so. Many days I ask myself, “Why am I torturing myself? There’s a nice school two blocks from my home.” But I know why I do not send them there. I am not called to. God has called me to homeschool. Period. End of discussion.

Do does homeschooling benefit parents? Well any time you obey God, you gain benefits. God is not going to ask you to do something that doesn’t change you. You may feel that homeschooling is just for your children’s benefit, but I’ve never seen God do something one-sided. Each thing He allows or directs into our lives has a purpose for building our character as well as those around us.

For me, homeschooling 5 out of 7 has broken me to the point that I MUST learn how to depend on God to do this. I have no other option because if it were just my idea, I’d have given up years ago. I don’t like my life being so uncomfortable. But God doesn’t care about my comfort, He cares about my character.

And it’s my character that is changing the most. Yes, I’m a little more organized and getting more disciplined in my daily life, but it’s my character that is taking the starring role in the facet of my life. I’m learning to be more patient and forgiving. I’m learning how to deal with difficult people that really push my buttons. I’m learning how to perservere, even when I have doubts. I’m learning how to ignore other things to do my primary calling. I’m learning how to choose a path (curriculum) and stick to it, even when it gets tough. I’m learning how to really love my kids by being more tough on them and follow through with discipline (I have a real problem with this. I’m too much of a softie).

Yes, homeschooling does benefit parents as well. It is used by God, like any life experience, to bring us closer to the image of Christ.

In His service,


3 Responses to "Homeschooling…Does It Benefit Parents?"

At the outset, homeschooling seems like a huge sacrifice. But what serious investment isn’t? We have to look at the big picture, realizing that years of hard work will pay off when are children grow up to be mature, dynamic, Godly men and women.

Yes homeschooling is good for us and for the kids. Time is the most precious thing God gives us. It helps us have more of it together. That is the kernel of what I learned homeschooling 6.

Yup, homeschooling certainly chisels away at the rough edges on us 🙂

Thanks for the post and welcome to CSFF Blog tour!

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