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It seems I am always posting on Day 3 of these tours. LOL

I read Hood some time ago and enjoyed it, although as some other tour participants noted, Stephen Lawhead turned the whole myth upside down. I’m used to that with Stephen Lawhead though. I read Patrick a few years ago. Although it was a good read, I didn’t like his portrayal of Patrick. The book takes place in the years before he becomes the famous missionary.

Anyway, back to Scarlet… most of the story is told in first person by William who is in prison awaiting his execution. It is fascinating to see events from another character’s point of view. In this book, Bran seems more mysterious, but also has his cracks. Most portrayals of Robin Hood have him as a heroic, always in control and on top of it kind of guy. Not so with Hood or Scarlet…Bran has a real anger and impulse problem that almost cost William his life. It will be interesting to see how this is resolved in the third book of the series.

The one thing I have noticed in Lawhead’s books is a real, vital relationship between the characters and God. In the King Raven Trilogy, the only one that seems to have a close, intimate relationship with him is the old hag. There is an overarching sense that these people believe in God and love Him, but not that they really know Him. It’s not a criticism, it’s just an observation. My favorite books tend to have characters with an intimate relationship with God.

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