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Getting back to writing

Posted on: July 2, 2008

My poor blog has been languishing for quite some time. I’ve always meant to keep up with it, but of course, life got away with me as it has a tendency to do while homeschooling and raising 7 children.

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, we had a house fire and lost most everything. It’s definately been an experience. I do hope I can learn all that God wants me to learn through it now so I don’t have to go around this mountain again!

I had optimistically hoped that we would be able to begin construction in August and move in by October. That is looking a little dim. Our insurance company is jerking us around about our contents money and has been dragging its feet in releasing some of our construction funds. I realized yesterday after we got a very high estimate from the contractor, that I’m not even comfortable starting construction until I know exactly how much money we’ll be getting. I don’t want to be stuck unable to finish the project because the insurance company shorted us.

I am really learning how to give things to the Lord. I have anxiety attacks where I feel terribly nauseous and weak. My plan is to start praying and praising God that He has it all in control. Then maybe I’ll be ok.


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