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Loving the unlovable

Posted on: July 3, 2008

We all have people in our lives that we wish weren’t. People we must deal with regularly that make our smooth sailing life hit many bumps. Often these bumps knock us overboard. Sometimes it’s a co-worker, sometimes a relative, and often it’s our own child. I have one relative and one child that can make me sin faster than a dog can woof down a steak dinner. Seriously.

I spend three hours every morning in my car delivering newspapers. Not three hours tossing, but between getting to the depot to pick up papers, getting to my route, then tossing, it’s about three hours. Although it’s been tough to deal with getting up so early every day and not getting enough sleep, it’s also been good for me spiritually. I listen to Chuck Missler or Joyce Meyer while working. Both teachers have had a profound impact on my walk with the Lord. Chuck’s teachings have strengthened my view that the Bible is God’s Word inerrant and that every single thing in there down to the punctuation is there by the Holy Spirit’s design. I’ve also become rock solid in my conviction that God is, that He is good, that Jesus is the ONLY way to God for salvation, and that there is a coming judgment. Joyce’s teaching has changed my whole walk. The way I live my Christian life. Sometimes her CDs are so uncomfortable, I have to turn it off and repent right there in the car. (I know some people criticize her, but look at her fruit! I’m closer to the Lord now and trying to change more than ever before! People, stop putting God into a box!!)

Currently, I’m going through Joyce Meyer’s Love Is CD set which is the subject of this post. (Sorry it took so long to get to the point!). The first two CDs she said that in order to love someone, you can’t talk or think bad about them, even when they hurt, annoy, or otherwise make you miserable. It’s hard to ACT loving when you think unloving thoughts or replay in your mind all the offenses against them. We can go around saying, “I love _____” but if we are talking ugly about them, even if it’s just “venting” to a friend, we cannot love them. We just can’t.

I’ve determined that if I do not have anything nice to say about someone, I’m just not going to say it. Wouldn’t that be a cool thing to have someone say about you? “I’ve never heard Dawn say an unkind thing about anyone.” Wow! I know I’ve not  been like that in the past, but I can start again.

If I am thinking loving thoughts, blessing and praying for them every time they offend me, and loving them when I am around them, maybe that person will come to Christ. Just maybe. Isn’t that supposed to be our goal anyway?


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