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As most of you that actually read this, we had a fire in March. It’s almost 7 months later and still not enough money from the insurance company to rebuild. Honestly, I am very frustrated and having problems with continuous nausea. Please pray for me to be able to give this to the Prince of Peace who I trust above all else.

We do have an assemblywoman’s office involved now, and quite possibly the local newspaper. The thing is that I am not sure that the Public Adjuster we hired has been submitting our records in a timely manner, causing this all to drag out longer. I am not sure…At this point I trust nothing the insurance company says because they have told us things, then not done them (like paying the demo contractor and sending the mold remediation money). But I didn’t know that our PA did not submit any of our additional living expenses until just recently. I thought he had been doing that all along. Are there other things he hasn’t submitted until now?

The only one I can trust is the Lord. He is the One who will make this all turn out for our good, even if it doesn’t look like it now. He has a plan and a purpose in mind and we just need to be clay in His hands.

Lord help me to allow You to work in this and be my Prince of Peace and keep anxiety at bay.


October 2008