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Good Riddance 2008

Posted on: January 1, 2009

This has been a tough year for my family. First the St. Patrick’s Day fire on March 17th where we lost most everything. Then four family members’ deaths. Then my Christmas Eve car accident (which totalled our car and we can’t get another one right now).

It’s been a frustrating year. We thought we were getting ahead and now we are smack center in a huge mess that only God can fix.

The world at large is feeling quite scary and uncertain with the economy collapsing, a new president, the war in the Gaza Strip, a more aggresive Russian, and terrorists who would like to kill every last American.

My personal world is also scary….Will we have enough money to finish our house? Will it be done in time or will we be homeless? Will we be able to pay the bills now that I’m losing my job? Will we have furniture and the things we need in our home once it is done? Will we need to file bankruptcy and start over? It’s enough to make anyone crazy. Some days I long for the time to sit down and have a good cry. LOL

But through it all, I know that my God has a plan and a purpose for all this. I know that He desires good for us and gives us a future and a hope. I know that I would have no hope if it weren’t for Him. I rejoice that my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I rejoice that Chris and I still have a strong marriage after all of this. I rejoice in the wonderful friends and family who have supported us (carried us much of the time) this year.

And I’m expectantly awaiting what God will do in 2009. Everything will be fine in 2009 because God is in control.


4 Responses to "Good Riddance 2008"

Oh my goodness, Dawn! I had no clue y’all were going through such a difficult time. I’ve just not been online very much and had no idea you had a blog until I peeked in on Charity’s forum a bit ago. It seems that all of us who know Messiah have been going through stuff in greater intensity, but I would say you are getting a bigger training than many. I pray for your shalom and joy in the midst of such a trying time and for miraculous provision.

Love and shalom,

Hi Serena!

How are you doing? We’re doing much better now that we are in our house. I’ve been updating Facebook much more than here. I do need to start blogging again though.

I just saw this. I think I have to figure out my wordpress settings so they e-mail your comments! LOL

I hope your dh found another job. I’m not liking my kids in public school either. I can’t imagine teaching there.

Hey, maybe an update on here about how everything has turned out so far since you are in your house. It sounds like it was a very difficult year. I don’t do Facebook or other things like that because of Joelle’s ex cyber-stalking us. That has been our difficult last 2 years, dealing with a psychopath. She has grown tremendously through it though. She and her 2 little ones live with us now and it is working out well. He pays very little child support. She is going to school, doing most of it online right now. Rick is almost done with his master’s degree (working on his thesis) and working as a special education teacher. Anyway, I’m sorry I lost contact. After we saw y’all on our way to Montreal we got back and moved into a small duplex apartment just to have a place to live, then 3 months later into a mobile home (still too small) and then into a larger mobile home that we lived in for 1-1/2 years, and moved again last fall into a house on an acre that is big enough to have Joelle and her children live with us (but still finding it cramped). Rick does not want to work in the almost all black middle school he has been teaching in (been a hell year for him there) so we may be moving again as he has been applying for special ed jobs anywhere in a 100 mile radius of Knoxville, where Joelle’s ex lives and law requires her to live within a hundred miles. So keeping up with everything and moving so much just makes it difficult to keep up with everyone like I would like. We so enjoyed getting to meet you (hard to believe it was almost 3 years ago now), and if ever you are coming through eastern TN we would love to have you stop and see us.

Love and shalom,

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