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Press Release about our fire

Posted on: March 13, 2009


Dawn King

Insurance Company Refuses to Release Money

Leaves Contractor Unpaid and Family Without a Home or Furniture

March 12, 2009

On March 17, 2008 the Kings, Chris, Dawn, and seven children had a house fire that forced them out of their home. Now, almost a year later, Liberty Mutual has not settled their claim. Meanwhile Liberty Mutual will stop paying their rent on the temporary home and furniture in just 5 days! Their home will not be finished until the end of March because of Liberty Mutual’s delays in processing and settling the claim. Meanwhile, the Kings will be homeless until their house is completed.

The Kings have documentation proving losses far beyond policy limits, but instead of compassionately and responsibly paying their claim, Liberty Mutual has used delaying tactics, lies and tried to bargain down the total amount of the claim in order to avoid paying the entire claim.

“Dealing with Liberty Mutual has been much worse than the trauma of trying to get seven children out of a burning house,” says Dawn King.

Liberty Mutual’s oppressive tactics include depreciating items beyond the reach of common sense. For example, Liberty Mutual’s contents adjuster decided that that toilet paper in the Kings’ only bathroom was five years old or clothing that their thirteen year-old daughter wore was eight years old.

Since October, the Kings have tried to collect additional living expense money due to them under their policy. To date, Liberty Mutual has not paid them one dime and owe the Kings over $27,000. This delay has caused the Kings’ credit to be ruined and kept them from replacing their car when it was totaled in an accident causing Mrs. King to lose her job.

The Kings have contacted Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein, Senator Bill Baroni, and the Department of Banking and Insurance but even these government officials’ involvement has not coerced Liberty Mutual to move more quickly or to pay the claim in full.

Liberty Mutual’s website states, “First, we behave with integrity.  People build their lives on our promises and trust us to keep our promises. Second, we treat people with dignity and respect.  Only by treating our customers, and each other, well, can we build strong, long-lasting relationships.” (

Will they keep their promise?


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