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CSFF Blog Tour ~Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

Posted on: May 19, 2009

Most fantasy fans have read at least one of Stephen Lawhead’s books. This one is no different. His tales are full of brave heros and adventure. Tuck is no different.

Tuck the the third in the King Raven series, loosely based on the Robin Hood legends. In this case, our hero, Rhi Bran, also known as King Raven,  is a displaced king in Wales trying to regain his family lands in the midst of the reign of King William of England. The usual cast of characters are present: this installment’s namesake, Tuck; Merian, and Will Scarlet.

The first two books in the series are Hood and Scarlet. Tuck is the final book in the trilogy.

I’ll talk more about the tour tomorrow when my children are not around and being noisy. LOL


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