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Pliable or Stiff Dough

Posted on: July 8, 2009

After a long hiatus from breadmaking due to our fire, today I was finally able to make 6 loaves today using freshly milled flour. Let me tell you, it was very appropriate that today is Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama (SCUD) Day according to

I decided to try a recipe I used before from The Urban Homemaker but I think I put too much flour in and I think I tried to mix too many loaves at once. The dough would spin around the mixer, rise too high, and fling out of the bowl, wrapping itself around the mixer arm or landing on the counter. What should have been a 8 minute kneading cycle turned into a 20 minute ordeal as I tried to keep it from flinging out by constantly smashing it down with a spatula. I did add more water and that helped a bit, but my bread was not light and fluffy like it should have been.

You see, dough needs to be pliable, not too much flour, not too much water. And whole grain dough can be tricky because it can seem like you don’t have enough flour, so you add more water, then suddenly the grains soak up the water and you have  a very stiff dough.

So why I am writing about this? I’m sure that this is not the most riveting topic you can imagine.

Well I started thinking about my life lately…all the drama. Will I lose my house? Is my attorney really working for me? How am I going to pay the bills? Why am I not getting a job? What are we going to do for school next year?

So much drama and uncertainty in my life right now.

But I’ve been a stiff piece of dough in God’s mixer. No He’s not making me into bread, instead He’s molding me into something better,  the image of Jesus. And I’ve been stubborn, complaining, and flinging my emotions and anger everywhere instead of allowing myself to become pliable in His hands.

Some of my stubborn ways are exactly what landed me into this mess, but most of it is just the circumstanes of life kneading my character so that I become the person the God designed me to be.

Just like stiff dough needs extra water, I need extra doses of the Holy Spirit to soften me. That means seeking Him, praying more, reading the Word more, and meditating on things above, not on earthly things.

My bread turned out ok. It wasn’t light and fluffy like I wanted it to be but it tastes good. I want to turn out more than OK. I want this process that God is putting me through to make me everything He has envisioned. A lump of flour, water, honey and yeast cannot make the decision to be more pliable. It is whatever I put into it.

But me, I am capable of choosing to relax and allow myself to be molded. I can let go of my fears and surrender to my God, the Master Potter who knows the end from the beginning. Yes it hurts, but the end is worth it!


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