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CSFF Blog Tour Day 1~The Enclave by Karen Hancock+contest

Posted on: July 20, 2009

The first Karen Hancock book I read was Arena. Immediately I looked for others and thank the Lord I found the Guardian-King series. I was able to read the first two right away, but had to wait as each of the others were published. In the meantime, I followed Karen’s blog while I waited, and have been blessed by her spiritual insights as well as enjoying her novels.

When I opened the package from Bethany House and saw The Enclave nestled inside, I let out a squeal and did a little happy dance. Really. Since I opened it right after the mail came during one of my children’s birthday parties, I got a few puzzled looks, but I knew my mom would understand. I told her, “This is my favorite author’s newest release! I can’t wait to read it.” My husband rolled his eyes and said, “Great, now she’ll ignore me for hours.” At first I was insulted, but then I laughed because it is true. I would ignore the world around me (sort of) and read it.

One of the things I like most about Karen Hancock’s writing is that it is rich. It’s not fluff. Her description is thorough but it’s not like reading Anne of Green Gables with it’s pages of description of a meadow. Dialogue is natural. Some novels I read, I feel like the dialogue is a little hokey and forced. Another facet of the richness of Karen Hancock’s novels is that I always come away with some sort of spiritual lesson, something that drives me closer to the Lord or a motivation to look deeper into my faith. That’s not so with most novels I read (and I try to read a lot).

Another thing I’ve noticed about Karen’s books, and this one in particular is that she never does an information dump. You’re more than halfway into the book before you really start to figure out what is going on. That’s good because it kept me wondering and reading.

So on to a summary:

The Enclave is about Lacey McHenry, a scientist who recently comes on board at the quasi-Biosphere Kendall-Jakes Longevity Institute. Within days, Lacey finds herself in the middle of a cover-up and the target of Director Swain’s unknown plans.Ā  Cameron Reinhardt, a Christian scientist there at the Institute is mocked for his faith and while Lacey is sympathetic to him, having had a strong faith at one time herself, she doesn’t stand up for him or what he believes. Both protagonists are trying to escape a messy past, hoping to start anew at the Institute. But of course, that would be boring if they were able to start anew! Their pasts come back to haunt them in unexpected ways.

If you post a comment to my blog posts during this tour, I have a copy of The Enclave to give away. I’ll put everyone’s names in a bowl and let one of my kids draw the winner. šŸ™‚

More to come tomorrow…

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7 Responses to "CSFF Blog Tour Day 1~The Enclave by Karen Hancock+contest"

Sounds like a great book! Let me know if I win the give away copy!

No need to enter me, but our husbands should get together and commiserate. He often loses me to books – great tour post!

[…] Heather R. Hunt Becky Jesse Cris Jesse āˆš Jason Joyner āˆš Julie Carol Keen Krystine Kercher āˆš Dawn King Mike Lynch Shannon McNear Melissa Meeks Mirtika Eve Nielsen Nissa John W. Otte […]

Nice review. I already have a review copy, but I’d love to have another one to give away to a friend. Fantastic book!

I’ve been doing book reviews lately, too, and I know the excitement of getting a new book in the mail! šŸ™‚

Congratulations Melissa! You won a free copy of The Enclave! Please e-mail me at with your address and I’ll send it out.

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