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CSFF Blog Tour Day 2~The Enclave

Posted on: July 21, 2009

I want to mention some other things in particular about The Enclave in this post.

The first line, “Cameron Reinhardt is an idiot!” and the rest of the first chapter are the perfect hook. The action in this book does not take pages to find. It starts right at the beginning and keeps on going. There’s never a dull moment or a scene that you kind of skip because it’s boring. I’ve never wanted to skim Karen’s books because each and every word is necessary to get what is going on.

Secondly, I just had gotten used to the setting in the first two chapters, then suddenly I’m thrown into another world. It was jarring, to be mentally sent to New Eden, the new “ark” of mankind after being in the present for so long.  If the first chapter was the perfect hook that caught me, this one was the tug on the line that embedded the hook for good. Karen does an amazing job of only giving you a tiny bit of information at a time. I was almost frustrated I did not know the whole story, so I kept reading and reading and reading. It’s a good two thirds of the book before we get enough information to really figure out what is going on.

Unlike Jennifer Bogart, another blog participant, I felt the ending was believable except for one point I’ll discuss in a minute. Karen laid out the signs pointing to the ending all along…the little black cubes that could change your thought patterns and influence your actions and Cam’s flashbacks.

****spoiler warning****

I had no problem with the Nephillim, how they were revived, or the destruction they wrought on the Institute. I guess I’ve listened to enough Chuck Missler that those things don’t seem so far out to me. In fact, I’ll go one step farther and believe that in reality, I think Nephillim, fallen angels and demons (which are not necessarily all the same) are fed by negative emotions and even blood. If you think about it, almost all the alien abduction stories contain sights and sounds that are terrifying to people. Demons are constantly trying to influence us to meditate on the dark side of things. And many of the religions of the world involved some sort of human sacrifice.

My main issue was with the wrap-up, the fact that Cam and Lacey left without trying to call the police and having Geri and others who knew arrested. I can’t imagine going through all that and seeing all those dead people and not calling the police. Not only should justice be served on those masterminds still alive, but Geri and the rest of the remaining crew could come after them later on. To me, that felt like the publisher wanted the author to finish the book under a certain word limit and cut out a few things or that Karen got tired of writing.

I noticed that at the end of The Return of the Guardian-King, there was a very short wrap-up, much shorter than I wanted anyway, maybe that is Karen’s style.Some authors give you a whole chapter or two wrap up, which allows me to put the characters to rest and not worry about or wonder what ever happened to them. Yes, it just may be a little kooky to puzzle over, but that’s me. 🙂

You can check out Karen Hancock’s blog. I’m sure you will be blessed as blessed by her musings as I have been. Some of her posts have helped me get through the really dark times over the past year.

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LOL, Dawn, I *still* think about the end of the GK series and wish she’d been able to spend more time on wrap-up! It’s been fun reading your posts … y’all are sharpening my thirst to read the book!!!!

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