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Attack of the satan or just life or consequences of my own actions?

Posted on: December 22, 2009

As  many of you are aware, I love reading the Stuff Christians Like blog. I can’t say I’m a real fan, because a REAL fan would pre-order the book, something I haven’t done and probably won’t do (although I’ll buy the book when I can). Anyway, I digress. Today’s post is on Spiritual Attacks. Acuff has a way of making everything funny, even serious topics. You might want to pop over to the blog and read the post so you will understand what I am talking about.

Acuff’s premise is that there are two camps of Christians: The Everything is a Spiritual Attack and Nothing is a Spiritual Attack.

I have to laugh because isn’t it just like us Christians to try to pigeon-hole everything in our life? We just love to make up a sweeping rule to govern ourselves so we don’t have to spend time with the Lord to find out what He says about the situation. Yep. I said it. And I’m guilty of it.

If I believe everything is a spiritual attack, I can just go into Super Christian Warrior mode and bind everything around me in hopes I’ll get the right target and my suffering will stop. If I don’t believe that anything is a spiritual attack, I can resolutely look to the heavens and moan, “This must be God’s will.”

Obviously, as with most things, there is a balance. But the only way to find balance is to spend time with the Lord yourself. He gives us discernment to know what to do in all situations when we take the time to listen. It’s much easier just to follow some rule we were taught or made up.

Did you ever notice that in most things we are faced with in life, there is no hard and fast rule? I think God likes it that way. Then we have to seek Him even more.

2 Responses to "Attack of the satan or just life or consequences of my own actions?"

Very good observation, Dawn. I have friends in both camps. I don’t think we can put God in a box. Look at Job – wasn’t it a combination?

Carla (ACFW Northeast)

Great post! I tend to fall in the ‘everything is a spiritual attack’ camp!

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